Health and Development Assessments in Wyndham Municipality

April 15, 2016

Health and development assessments by Maternal and Child Health Nurses at Kindergartens / Child Care Centres in the Wyndham Municipality

The Wyndham Maternal and Child Health Service in conjunction with participating Kindergartens / Child Care Centres in the Wyndham Municipality, including Wyndarra Children’s Centre will be providing a health and developmental assessment to those children who have not had their Key Age & Stage Assessment performed by a Maternal and Child Health Nurse.  The assessments will be carried out by a Maternal and Child Health Nurse.

The Key Age & Stage assessment will be conducted with the Kindergarten or Child Care staff present.  Provisions will be made for privacy.  If your child has already had their Key Age & Stage assessment then your child will not be eligible to participate in this program.  You can check in your child’s Health Record Book (blue/green book if born in Victoria) if this has already been done.

In order to carry out this assessment, written consent is required on forms that can be requested from the centre.  On the day of the assessment please ensure your child brings:

  • The signed consent form;
  • Complete the PEDS form identifying if you have any concerns with your child’s development; and
  • The Child Health Record Book (Blue/Green Book) or interstate/overseas equivalent.

Relevant assessment details will be completed in the book and parents will be contacted by phone or in writing if further follow up is required.  If you would like to speak with one of us at the conclusion of the session, you are very welcome to do so.

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