About Us

  • Philosophy

    Wyndarra Children’s Centre values and embraces that every child is unique and important.  We encourage each child to grow and learn in a fun and educational setting.  We provide a warm, loving, nurturing learning environment that fosters the individual needs of each child linking families with our community.

    Wyndarra’s philosophy and associated practices is evidence based upon the following key processes:

    1. Shared values of educators, parents and community at Wyndarra Children’s Centre
    2. Identified theories and educational perspectives that support early childhood education
    3. Associated practices that reflect the values, theories and educational perspectives of staff, parents and community.

    Wyndarra’s full Philosophy Statement is available in the WCC Handbook and in the Parent Information tab of this website.

  • Management and Staff

    Wyndarra Child Care Centre is a privately run and owned centre that has been purposely built by the owners, Mark and Sue Reilly, and managed by their two daughters Kia Reilly and Tamara Greig.  Mark and Sue have been running child care centres in the western area for the last 30 years.  Wyndarra is the third centre they have opened and operated.

    Kia Reilly

    Kia has been working in child care since 1996.  She completed her Certificate III in Children’s Services then successfully completed her Diploma in Children’s Services and worked as a room leader for 3 years.  Kia then began co-ordinating the family business and completed her Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services.  She completed her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and Certificate IV in Occupational health and safety is assisting the educators in providing a safe and stimulating environment for the children.

    I enjoy working here at Wyndarra children’s centre. I’m passionate about the lever of care we provide the children and the relationships I develop with families. Through my years of experience and training I have seen many changes in the child care industry and have embraced them and enjoyed the new challenges they have brought. I am always looking for ways to improve my knowledge regarding child development and how I can best support my educators in delivering an enriched learning environment with lots of opportunities for the children to learn and grow.

    Tamara Greig

    Tamara has been Operations Manager at Wyndarra Child Care Centre since 2003.  She has been a part of the management team and opened Wyndarra in September 2003.  Tamara has completed her Certificate III in Children’s Services, The Diploma in Children’s Services and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.  She began working in child care in 1998 for a short period of time, then moved to Retail Management, where she spent five years at Melbourne Airport.

    As well as co-ordinating the centre along with Kia, Tamara is also the HR manager and works on the Administration side of the business.  She has completed her Diploma of Business (Human Resources).

    I believe that the more I know about the industry, the better I can support and teach my staff to be the best carers possible. To be able to provide a great service is to ensure that the business as whole is run at a high level, our staff are an essential key in providing quality care, it is my job to ensure that Wyndarra Management is providing staff with a good, safe working environment and conditions, and assist with training needs. All centre policies and procedures which are in place are to ensure that our centre provides quality care to our children which is the Wyndarra’s over all goal.

    Sue & Mark Reilly

    Sue and Mark Reilly play an active part in the centre operations, Sue holds her Diploma of Children’s Services, and assists in the office.  Mark focused a lot more on the behind the scenes business operations, as well centre maintance and gardening.  Mark is a sign writer by trade and as you will see the centre is highly decorated with paintings, making our centre bright and fun for the children.  As a family business, we pride ourselves with the work that is put into the buildings and our relationships with staff and families.

    Wyndarra Team

    The Staff at Wyndarra are experienced with various early childhood training.  Staff Qualifications range from Bachelor of Early Childhood Teacher, Advanced Diploma of Children’s Services, Diploma of Children’s Services and Certificate III in Children’s Services.  We also have several trainees who are currently studying in each of these qualifications.  We aim to ensure that staff training is offered on a regular basis for staff to be updated with legislative requirements and changes that may occur in the child care industries in relation to providing quality care to our children.

  • Operational Hours

    Wyndarra Children’s Centre operates from 6:30am – 6:30pm Monday to Friday, 52 weeks a year.

    The centre will be closed on all public holidays.  FEES ARE STILL PAYABLE for these days.

    We close at 2:30pm on Christmas Eve and 5:00pm on New Year’s Eve.

  • Early Learning Educators

    At Wyndarra, our Early Childhood Educators are highly trained in the educational field of Children’s Services to ensure that our programs are of high quality and supporting of the NQS.  Majority of our Educators hold a Diploma of Education as well as educators who hold a Certificate III in Education and Care.

    Wyndarra’s Kindergarten Program is run by a Teacher who is Early Childhood trained and is also the Services Educational Leader.  Helping assist with the implementation of the educational experiences across the service to ensure that our programs are of high quality and supporting of the EYLF.

    All educators at Wyndarra hold up-to-date training in:  First Aid, Anaphylaxis Management Training, Asthma Management Training and Child Protection.

  • Nutrition

    At Wyndarra, we are proud to say that we have received recognition for completing the Eat Right Start Right Program in June 2012.

    Our menus have been designed so that we provide a minimum of 50% of a child’s recommended daily nutrients, over the five meals throughout the day.  We have 13 weeks of menus which are rotated ensuring there is a variety of food offered to children.

    We do support all dietary requirements of children and are an allergy friendly centre.

    Meals we provide are:

    • 6:30 to 8:00am
      Breakfast (variety of cereals)
    • 9:00am
      Morning Tea
    • 11:30am
      Lunch, hot meal with fruit
    • 11:00am
      (For Babies’ Room) Babies will also have a side of vegetables with the main meal offered
    • 3:00pm
      Afternoon Tea
    • 5:30pm
      Late snack (fruit only)
  • See the Wyndarra Children’s Centre handbook for procedures regarding items brought from home, birthday cakes and bottles.